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Easy Progress Photos &
Before and After Pictures.

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Easy Progress Photos &
Before and After Pictures.

Check Out These
Awesome Transformations

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Fit-stitch makes awesome, customizable before & after pictures in just a few taps. It is the simplest and most effective way to track your fitness progress.

  • With Fit-Stitch, you can create Before & After pictures to capture your ongoing fitness transformation.
  • Studies have shown that tracking your progress increases the success rate of fitness training, resulting in more people staying on track and achieving better results.
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Simple, Quick,
& Organized.

Fit Stitch was designed to look great but more importantly be easy to use.

  • Load in your own progress photos
  • Input your key measurement info such as the date and weight
  • Set an in-app reminder so that you won't forget to take your next progress photo
  • Create a before and after picture by choosing any two of your progress photos
  • Don't worry about formatting or typing in your stats,
    Fit-Stitch will take care of it
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Share your progress
and inspire someone

Show others that hard work pays off. Inspire people to set fitness goals of their own!

  • Upload your before and after picture to your favourite social networking sites,
  • Email them to friends,
  • Or simply save them to your phone.
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Be Creative
& Customize

We've made it super easy to customize the look of your Before & After photos.

  • Choose the background and footer colors
  • Choose the text color
  • Add a custom caption (your name, or maybe your instagram username) to your photos
  • Hide the Fit-Stitch logo
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Created by two engineers that wanted to track their fitness progress and stay motivated to reach their goals.



Fit Stitch helps you achieve your fitness goals by making it super easy to track your progress and make before and after photos. Be your own critic.


Fit Stitch
Created by Morph Media Labs

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