Visual fitness progress tracking

Fit Stitch helps you achieve your fitness goals by making it easy to track and analyze your progress. Be your own critic.


Fit-Stitch makes awesome, customizable before & after pictures in just a few taps. It is the simplest and most effective way to track your fitness progress.


Track your progress with photos and weight measurements.


Your privacy is important. Protect your photos with Touch ID.


Create before & after photos to show off your transformations

Why Use Fit-Stitch

Studies have shown that tracking your progress increases the success rate of fitness training, resulting in more people staying on track and achieving better results.

However, your weight alone can be misleading. You could have lost body fat and gained muscle, but your weight would have stayed the same. So tracking your weight isn't quite good enough. Photos provide an honest look into your fitness progress. Fit-Stitch makes progress tracking easy.


Track your true progress by taking progress photos and inputing your body weight.


Visualize your fitness progress. Fit-Stitch provices a summary on how you've progressed over time.


Keep your progress photos private by securing them with Touch ID.


Compare progress photos to observe your fitness transformation. Customize them to your preference.

User Testimonials

"This app is fantastic! Track your progress, include a passcode to protect your pictures, it's private and the reminders are great!!!"

"Perfect app!!! Love this app! Allows me to track my progress and see before and after pics!!! Then I can share with social media or friends through text message!! So simple to use!!!!"

"I really love it. Helps me secretly keep a visual record of my progress. I like to take 2 or 3 pics each and stitch them together, so I get the front, side, and back view. Then I scroll down and see the progress..."

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